(Y817) Two Princes 81.5 x 85 cm


Everything has a beginning and an end.

I began painting birds of prey in the finest detail, back in 1969 and it seems fitting that I make the last featuring a bird of prey, finished in early 2019:

Two Princes.

A combination of being 83, frequent hospital stays, and loss of sight in one eye have made it impossible to continue painting the detailed work expected of me.

An original Frank T. Morris artwork
Medium: oil on particleboard.
Artwork type: painting.
82.5 x 85 cm.

The Spotted Harrier and Splendid Fairy-wren are my most admired birds for their striking appearance.

Each is in adult male plumage. The fleeing Fairy-wren escapes as the predator is distracted by the breast feather of a Stone Curlew is blown about in the wind.

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Dimensions 81.5 × 85 cm